Persapien Innovations

Persapien Innovations, a company co-founded by Debayan Saha and Dr. Shashi Ranjan, is dedicated to solving real-world issues related to air pollution and airborne microbes. Their cutting-edge technology has led to the invention of an award-winning airborne microbe killer, and one of a kind lab in India.

Okulo Aerospace

We provide complete aerial monitoring solutions, blending advanced UAVs with AI-powered analytics. Our commitment: Revolutionise global industries with aerial monitoring solutions. method, which sets his product apart from the competition.

Avian Aerospace

Avian Aerospace Pvt Ltd – Developing advanced autonomous vehicles, Providing cutting edge solutions for challenging industry problems. They began Avian Aerospace with one focus: to build a company that can compete with large firms while operating with the flexibility and customer-focus of a small, family-run business. They call it small business values with a big business approach.

Sports KPI

Sports KPI is a bunch of Sports Enthusiasts who strive to improve the performance of sports organisations through end to end solutions using Technology, Math and the knowledge of the sport. Our aim is to empower all the stakeholders in the Sports Ecosystem

Andrew Additive

Andrew Additive is a 3d printer developer and manufacturing start up in Bangalore with the goal to develop and manufacture 3d printers for Industries and we also support and give end-to-end AM solutions for our customers.. AM is one of the most disruptive technologies that will change the course of manufacturing and production in the future. AM also plays a huge role in “Industry 4.0”

Brewcha Kombucha

Brewcha, a Kombucha startup founded by Mathew Paulson, is a manifestation of his passion for the health benefits of Kombucha. Mathew has gone on a journey of experimentation to perfect his brewing method, which sets his product apart from the competition.