Enabling founders to focus on what's important

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We will handle the administrative tasks such as legal and accounting, as well as assist with product development and financial planning, allowing you to focus on pursuing your vision and strengths.

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We offer crucial support for startup development by helping to identify grants and potential investors, preparing proposals, and rehearsing investor pitches to attract future investment and build credibility.

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We recognize the challenge of building a strong network as a first-time entrepreneur, so we offer a variety of events and collaborative sessions, including some just for fun, to help ease the experience.

Incubator office space


Perched on the top-floor incubator provides a modern, open workspace with city views, including long workbenches, meeting rooms, and a  space for prototype development.

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Our in-house program is tailored to your startup, with a flexible and hybrid model that empowers you by providing essential tools without requiring unnecessary attendance at presentations.

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We provide access to a network of mentors who can offer relevant advice, build  relationships, and help refine your business and roadmap by learning from successful individuals in your field

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